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#345981 - Matt was now close to his own climax, and in a harsh voice ordered, Okay you little bitch, I want you to cum right now!!! Hearing Matt call him a little bitch was more than he could take, and Jimmy's cock began to spurt jet after jet of hot cum all over the shower room floor! Matt couldn't hold the fort much longer either, and his own pecker unleashed a torrent of cum in Jimmy's hot little asshole!!! As they dressed to go back to the office Jimmy was much less worried about his upcoming presentation, because it was in the bag, or should he say foreskin?!? THE END. Jimmy introduced himself and found out that he was in the shower with Matt Eckert, the VP from the home office. Before he could cum in Jimmy's hot mouth, Matt pulled him to his feet and showed Jimmy a sexual technique he had never even heard of.

Read Lez Hardcore ただのエロマンガです - Dragon ball Massage ただのエロマンガです

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