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#244461 - I got up out of bed quickly to distract myself and get changed, but as I did I saw myself in the mirror, a huge tent had formed in the front if my boxers and there was a dark moist patch on them, that's weird though because not even girls can do this to me, I'm rock hard! And boy did it feel good. His little tiny ass and his. That's when it happened he grabbed my cock and left my lips, noticing the clear see through boxers, he licked his lips and pulled them off, I think my dick just about slapped him in the face because he sure as hell get straight into suckin me off! His little lips and tongue massaging my tip, and his hands playing with my balls and ass, he wanted me, and he wants me bad! Worse than I thought.

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Kotoha tanaka
I wich you
Nanaly fletch
These are awesome hentais i would love for you to do this to me i love a girl that can suck a dick where are you from