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#314065 - Disiding I should probably throw some cloths on, as I walked to the laundry room opening the dryer and throwing on some jeans and a white T-shirt walking back to the ketchen grabbing a plate and putting half of the eggs and opens the dror to my left and grabbing  a fork and shoveling eggs into my mouth as she came back down stairs walking into the kitchen (with her cloths on) comeing behind me putting hands on my neck and sliding them down my chest kissing my cheek as she did so I turned my head and kissed her passionately my tung dancing with hers  she broke the kiss walking away  I have to go meet with some friends then see how things are at home I'll call you later ok minna said as she continued walking  so are we dating now? I asked   She just laughed and kept on walking and closed the door behind her. Slowly I walk up the stairs into my room laying in my bed just staring at the ceiling when my phone rang snapping me into reality it was already 6:18pm I looked at the

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