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#76973 - one very cold winter night me and my 13 year old sister Brittany were walking around smoking and talking about how long her winter was till she had to go back to school. to weeks later Brittany walks into my room and sayes well uv done it im pregnate and your little sis isnt lucky for you mom and dad haven't fond out about this but when i get bigger ill tell mom and dad who did thid ok and she left the room as my little sis walks into it so bro that ime me and you played on your bed and i say ya well that was fun and my sis say ya but it made me feel umm happyer and im sad so will your make me happyer and i said well not till mom and dad go ok and sis ran out into the living room and told mom and dad to leave and so they did and Brittany and Nickie were in my room waiting to have some hot wet sex with me.

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