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#280649 - Yes miss (Noga), what do you request? I want. He began building up his orgasm, when he felt a strange, but now seemed logic enough, sense of further penetration, he could feel the two tentacles emerging from his cock, pushing through her clutching cervix, and entering her uterus, whereas each one of them squeezed itself into one of her uterine tubes, searching for her egg-stores, her ovaries, that was the catch then, the creature's goal wasn't to only transform his sperms, but it was also aiming at transforming the mating females' eggs as well, and plant its genes in them, so the out coming breed is all the creature's offspring, purely, not half-creature half-human, a demonic plan that he was gladly playing the main role in, right now.

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Cure black | nagisa misumi
This aint no mooshy monsters
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Entao da todo teu leitinho pra mim que eu adoroooo s2