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#230983 - Ange by this time had recovered enough to go over to where Robert and my mum were still joined together and started licking Roberts balls which of course started his cock coming back to life and as it was still impaled in my mother mum started to buck as she had an orgasm that rocked her whole body and we had to lift her off Roberts cock as she was unable to continue. She tried to move away but I kept a firm hold of her and Brad got in front of her and pushed his cock into her mouth so that as she moved forward his cock penetrated her throat and made her gag, forcing her to move backwards and impale herself further and further on my cock in her arse until she was filled both ends with cock and her resistance ebbed as we started to move in unison in and out and then we both stopped and Tina moved for us as our cocks went to the max in her and then almost out before plunging back to the max. Dear Diary- We awoke early and after breakfast Mum and Tina and I went shopping for goodies

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