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#45500 - After a few minutes of brutally fucking Melissa I pulled out my cock now covered in pussy juices I looked at Melissa lick me clean before I take this little girls virginity I said as Melissa eagerly went for it liking and sucking as fast as he can loving the taste of my cock . When the ceremony of the burial of my dad was over all the important people gathered in the throne room to attend my crowning I kneeled infront of the bishop while he said do you Mike right full claim the crown to protect these lands and there people ? he said to me I do I said as he placed the crown on my head arise King Mike the first  ! he said as I stood up and the rest of the throne room kneeled infront off me all rise I said as they just obeyed me After the crowning and everybody left I sat on my throne sorrounded my dukes and my sister okay duke David how is the kingdom doing is everybody happy ? I asked him as he looked up at me and said yes my sire everyone os happy with you as there king

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