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#243542 - Something snapped! i bend over closer to him and started kissing him on the mouth,in the dirtiest way i ever did. once i finshed, my brother started fucking me again, and took the two smelly socks i was wearing we started playing with it, he took my tank took to, we licked,smelld everything got even wetter from the spit, we kissed so dirty and then my brother said - Shit sis i'm about to cum I was happy, and said - Just go on baby don't stop now,dont stop,right there! ( i moaned) - ahh shit! (David moaned) - Ahh David! baby don't stop I didnt give a shit if he came inside me,i actually wanted it somehow -shit sis im cumming,let go! i didnt let go,and i felt something warm running down me. so finally! Im at home,dripping wet and all sticky,smelly and very tired,this day can't get any worse can it? i was just on my way to the shower when i saw my big brother at the kitchen, he was always calm and silent,we were very different, even for siblings.

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