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#39732 - The floodgates were now open and our regular fun sex sessions were always as intense as the first time anything new had happened and I secretly prided myself in how quickly I learnt to handle his cock, a labour of love I can assure you all!!! It was again inevitable that on one occasion he asked me to have it in my mouth, did I flinch and baulk at the idea, Ohhh Nooo not on your life. There was no time to wonder over what new thing was happening to me and no respite this time and I suddenly exploded and as my body contorted I shouted and screamed in pleasure, almost falling off the seat as my first ever orgasm consumed every fibre of my being. He soon stopped me with a warning that he was getting too excited by it being my first time and so he spent the next hour bringing me to exquisite one after another orgasms.

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Ca fait plaisir de te revoir
Yoshino shimazu
Just look at her smoking hot body shape its just amazing loved the hentai
Sagiri izumi
Omg my pussy is sooo slippery watching this def need some tongue on me right now
I dont like the camera andle with facing away and show her legs pussy and ass even the front one wasnt great her face covered the only cool thing was her creamin
Shitara kaneshiya
I love her boobs
Nodoka miyazaki
Like if you want to do this to me