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#358633 - What should I do? These thoughts distract me momentarily from looking at what is happening outside, and when I finally look back through the gap I see that she has moved – but where? I can’t see her anywhere in the garden, so I think this may be my chance to make an exit without being seen. She hands it to me, and on the front page is a picture of an immaculate lawn with the words “Beat hosepipe bans and have a perfect lawn all year round, with no maintenance with astroturf, the synthetic lawn”. I reluctantly lift my face away from her pussy, taking in the marvelous sight in front of me: her wet cunt, lips parted ready for my cock, and her hands one pinching her nipple, the other squeezing her breast.

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Mitoto kuramitsu
I love her
I wish these millennial bitches would either grow out a full bush or shave the shit off i hate these half ass half bushes
So hot