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#149784 - “Oh wow!” Laura said as she got off the washing machine once it was finished spinning her clothes, her hair was a mess she had been shaking her head a lot as she came hard 3 times and her breath was ragged, but she couldn’t help smiling. “I couldn’t believe how it felt, I came like 3 times” Laura laughed “And had the best sleep I had for years!” Tally laughed loudly and took Laura’s hand in hers on the table “Now you know how good it can be you should try it with that thing in your wardrobe Lau” Tally said with a smile as she looked into Laura’s brown eyes “I’m not sure Tally, it’s well big,” she said grinning at her friend “So what, come on we’ve all done it before, it will be fine” Tally said laughing before Laura told her to keep it down before she has the attention of everyone in the café. Smiling Laura opened the box and pulled the present out, sill in its packaging from the shop where it was bought.

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