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#149403 - Then he ordered her to turn around, face the wall and spread her legs! For Deanna to be ordered around, along with being half naked wearing heels and fucked from behind was one of her most favorite positions, and to be done this way with a big curved black cock would make the experience ever so perversely enjoyable, the thought with her clit slowly swelling had left her instantly wet! The green dress was no hindrance at all, as it left most of her hourglass bottom easily exposed especially with her hands up helplessly out of the way on the elevator wall! This had allowed the dress to inch up even farther exposing her entire bare bottom! Deanna had this most unusual habit of sub-conscientiously pointing her toes inward as she would stand with her legs apart and stick her ass out making access to her much easier and was more than sinfully ready for what she thought was coming? He had rubbed his curved cock head up and down her wet slit r

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Kiba inuzuka
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Hmm good idea
Laura nissinen
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