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#52358 - Sean kicked of his pants, sock’s and t-shirt then as good as dived on me pinning me to the bed and kissing his way down to my spread legs he pulled my wet panties to one side then started to lick and tong my clit and pussy lips better than I have ever been tong fucked before, I was in a state of orgasm in minuets and Sean was just going wild between my legs sticking is tong so deep in my arse and pussy I thought he would suffocate, when I did orgasm it was so powerful I actually squirted my love juices like a porn star something that as only happened half a dozen times in my life before. My name is shelly and here is my confession of how I committed adultery with my sister’s husband Sean. Then before I could get my breath back Sean moved up and pushed his fat cock deep in to my pussy a started to give me the hardest fucking of my life, this was not love making it was just sex, hard raw sex.

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Yoshika miyako
Thats a grown ass man i love how they try and role play it lol
Wish i could get a teacher like that i would cum all day