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#385374 - Sitting on my throne in the secret room in my temple behind my forcefield I'm watching the three Unas brutally gangrape and creampie the Woman who doubted my power, her screams of anguish and pain make me so happy and knowing that this will happen to her everyday for 1000 years always puts a smile on my face. Truth be told I don't really need my sarcophagus to live forever, an example of this is Set/ Seth/ Setesh, before he was killed by SG-1 he lived on Earth for 5000 years After Ra left, he did this by switching Human hosts every 400 years. Not knowing that his perfect health and long life come from him using my sarcophagus they believe that their children will inherit his strength, perfect health and longevity, which is also why so many Nerothian Women offer themselves to me, they believe their children will be demi gods blessed with immortality, invincibility and other magical powers but as I've said before I'm always very careful not to impregnate them.

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Jesus what s happened to her looking far too skinny and skanky hope it ain t drugs shame as she was probably the most stunningly beautiful pornstar back in her contract girl days
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