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#190968 - I first dared Danny to take off his boxers and he reached down and pulled of his tight blue boxers and jokingly rubbed them in my face (yum ) then he dared me to do the same so I did and obviously returned the favor and put myn in his face which he sniffed, then I dared him to play the game ‘nervous’ (it is a game where you put ur finger at the bottom of the others leg and work your way up , but I chose that I would start at the top of his chest and work down until they say nervous) I put my hand on his chest and my finger went to one of his nipples I circled round it then moved to the next, he was now breathing faster, I then worked down to his 4 pack which I rubbed all over I then went down his side and underneath his ball and grabbed them and played with them I then moved to his semi hard cock and griped it with two fingers and my thumb and I wanked him until I could feel the pre cum dribble out I then lay down ontop of him and kissed him on the lips we though off the covers and sta

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This hentai is chopped more than a hentai of bernie sanders on fox news
God that other girls noises ruined the entire hentai
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