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#91093 - Lou rubbed Gretchen's back, saying it looks like your enjoying that baby but she was too busy as another orgasm hit, we kept this going for awhile I wanted to make sure Gretchen was into bi sex, then swung her around again, and told Lou to move so Gretchen could 69 with Lyn, before the words were out of my mouth Gretchen went under Lyn and chewed Lyn's pussy, so Lou and I went back to fucking their cunts. Now I wanted to see how Gretchen would go in a 4 some, lifting her up, I carried her to the bed, putting her pussy over Lyn's face while my dick found her sweet spot again, I knew Lyn would eat her clit while I worked her insides, Gretchen soon moved a bit for Lyn to get a better go at her pussy, then wham, she had a huge orgasm, my cock held solid by her cunt muscles. My cock was standing proud, Lou enjoying Lyn's attention to his man hood, I moved gently towards Gretchen, she was watching Lyn gulping down Lou's 7 inch rod, my cock is slightly longer and thicker than his,

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