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#119348 - I didn’t really want to, I wanted to stay inside Ryan forever but my soft dick ended up falling out of him all on its own, I rolled over onto my back and Ryan did the same then turned his head to face me, he had a huge smile on his face but he wouldn’t say why then I felt something wet in my hand, I looked down and found that my hand was covered in Ryan’s cum. I pulled Ryan back into the 69 position I hesitated at first but as I was staring at Ryan’s hole puckering like it was calling out to me, then something interesting happened… Ryan’s ass started to look like his ass was calling out, begging me to stick my tongue out and lick it, it started to look tasty to me almost as if I were to lick it, it would be sweet like strawberries, so followed Ryan’s lead and started licking his ass. Exhausted; Ryan and I realized that we had been going at for almost three hours we laid there in bed not just saying a word, just smiling at each other both knowing things between us had taken a le

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So good thank u
I love her is verry sexy and sensual kiss u all over danika