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#378372 - You both like dirty talk. You: m Stranger: F You: age? Stranger: 22 You: 25 You: england Stranger: Australia You: I will get you wet Stranger: You will? ;) You: just watch and see :) You: describe yourself Stranger: Red hair slim d cup You: dark hair, green eyes, slim, average height Stranger: Now lets see if you can do what you said ;) You: body shape and pussy? Stranger: Curvy bare pussy tight You: shaved or waxed? Stranger: waxed You: you got me going there mmm a tight pussy You: nice and smooth You: what are you wearing? Stranger: lace bra and panties You: tight boxers and a t-shirt Stranger: mmm i hope they get tighter after talking to me You: yeah there starting to bulge slut You: you turn me on Stranger: oh thankyou master You: my cock would like to taste your aussie cunt Stranger: Oh i would love to shove it all in You: slowly take off your panties and slide them down to your ankles Yo

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