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#68555 - You come closer to me my body shakes as you approach your hands gently begin to travel over me your property I close my eyes in pleasure my body responding to your every touch as it only dose to the hands of my Master. You come home and walk down the stairs and see me chained to the wall my limp little body hanging there in perfect submission. Aww does the little slave girl want something you say in a mocking tone as your hand travels to my aching pussy quickly you shove three fingers into my pussy clenches around them I look at you with wide eyes as you slowly finger me your thumb starting to rub my swollen clit “beg” you tell me in a cool relaxed voice.

Read Class Room [Hoshino Fuuta] Nakayoshi-chan Ch.01-02 [English] [Tonigobe] Master Nakayoshi02

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This would be hot
Shion uzuki
Oil vids are my fav
Awai oohoshi
It is kenzie reeves she got her teeth fixed and she is in the process of getting her chest tattoo removed it will take a couple of treatments for it to be totally gone because it was so dark in this scene you can tell the tattoo is a whole lot lighter than it use to be