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#43387 - I slowly entered our bedroom and looked down at her boss, to my complete surprise I saw that he was blind folded and tied to the bed. I wanted to get a better view so I slowly pushed the door open just enough to see their reflection in our full length mirror, what a sight it was, I could not believe I was watching my wife with another man's cock in her hands, it looked like I was just in time for the show. Dave's cock was now fully erect again, my wife was slowly twisting and rubbing the shaft, he had a look of sheer pleasure on his face.

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Kouta otoyama
Awwwwwwww man i was so hoping to see her just pull the whole thing out at the end this was an amazing hentai and now im even more excited to start my journey into anal and prostate stimulation i cant wait to find someone in my area that will help me achieve the mastery of anal that she has
Hinomoto oniko
Perfect wifey my wife lets me and my best friend fuck her there is nothing better than watching her have an orgasm on his big cock and him filling her tight pussy full of his semen i love watching my wife getting creampied and then getting sloppy seconds
Kotori iida
Good hentai