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#92374 - 2 when a lady stands up to leave the table the gentalmen stand up out of respect and 3 dont talk with your mouth full of food bella said to me i could never be posh its not all that bad all 3 of us walked out the living room and i sore my mom i said they are ready me and harvey was in the living room watching the tv whiles i was resting on his chest when i heard a smash noise (as i was the nearest to the kitchen i went to investage) when i went into the kitchen i noticed a plate set was smashed over the floor not really having the time to go look for my mom i called her on her cell leonardo mom one of the kitchen staff has dropped a plate set ummm do you know any plate stores you can a new set from for eveyone theres that store in the south mall that does set but they are like $100 a set and you want 20 sets okay i will have charge them to my card okay please hurry son i ended the called now really pissed off i had to leave my house becuase some staff member had drop

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