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Brunette Wanwano Days - Hayate no gotoku Boy

(執事とらのあな! 9) [スライム企画 (栗柚クリュー)] ワンワンオデイズ (ハヤテのごとく!)


Characters: Izumi segawa (8)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
30 pages - Uploaded
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#100326 - Throughout the year me and Amy hooked up there would be multiple times where we had to stop fucking because of me having a girlfriend here and there even tho i never even got to do stuff with them except for a kiss here and there sometimes not even a kiss this would cause Amy to get shitty at me because she was one jealous girl we both know she wanted to date me but i saw nothing more than just a best friend who i casually fuck now and then but shit got real sour when i got with my most recent girlfriend witch was one of her best friends thats when she got mad at me and told me she never wanted to fuck me again but i know if me and the girl breakup she will come back till then im happy with my girlfriend but the sexual frustration is hard to live with. Amy and i did pretty much the same method from our first time we reintroduced each other to each others bodies slowly getting naked her hand immediately tugging my cock while i run my fingers along her plump pussy maki

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So fake but so hot wish i was stuck like that
Bambi dutch