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#350471 - suck my Dickson hitler was flying in this custom fighter plane, who had named it the kumshot mark2 hitlers trademark gay moustache was now a milky white, stains of yellow in the mix mmm, creamy! suddenly he spied an american bomber not so fast you swine! hitler had the enemy plane in his sights and pulled the trigger tiny pellets of his own cum, freeze dried into bullets spurted of of the kumshots cannons when he ran out of cum pellets, a pumping mechanism connected directly to his own cock would begin jerking and funnelling his semen directly through the gun barrels at the front of the plane SPURT SPURT the american bomber when down in flames, its engines cloged with semen the music from top gun began to play he flew to the bomber and flipped his plane upside down to see the pilot he pulled his wang out and took a photo (of his wang, not the other plane) hitler was disobeying the number oen rule of aireil combat never follow a plane down but by god, hitler always went

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